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F*ck Saving Face

Judy Tsuei

If you’re an Asian-American who grew up learning that you had to “save face” and be a “good girl,” let’s remove all the guilt, shame, and taboos to talk about the things we weren’t given permission to explore. Rather than upholding the “model minority” standard, let’s redefine what it means to be strong, courageous, and bold in a brave new world. Let’s finally have a voice after being the silent generation for too long. Join me, your host, Judy Tsuei, every week as I explore mental, emotional and physical health like never before, telling it like it is. We might shock the generation before us, but hopefully, you and I will create a more conscious way of being for the generation after us. Wherever you are in celebrating your Asian-ness, I got you. Let’s roar together. More at www.fcksavingface.com.